The Tale of The Duke

It all started with Duke's sister, Maria. At a young age, Duke started baking with his mom, making cookies and "rollo" (a Macedonian dessert, rolled with Chocolate). It was then that his passion was ignited by this spark and The Duke was born. Duke’s baking brought a smile like no other to Maria’s face. So large, it went from ear to ear every time she heard he was in the kitchen. Duke continued to bake. Every birthday, with his mom’s help, he made his sister a special cake always consisting of chocolate. Every birthday, Duke saw the same gracious smile. Even as they got older and time became limited he always baked her a delicious chocolate cake for her birthday.

In May 2009, Maria was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease and could no longer eat a regular diet. This meant no more chocolate cakes. This also meant no more smiles. And that's when it hit him. If Duke could make his sister smile again, he would have changed the course of the future. So he set forth to educate himself on gluten free cooking and baking. After inventing an Italian Gluten Free menu for his sister, he was able to focus on the most important venue: the desserts.

At first baking gluten free proved difficult. Through time and dedication it became a passion. Once again he began to make his sister smile again. The Duke then began letting his mind dream and dreamt about everyone else who had celiac. What about their birthdays? This set forth in motion a plan to touch the lives of every gluten free man woman and child. If one man can make many smile, then many smiling can make a difference.

Duke is changing the way we eat and think about eating, while carving a path for future generations to follow. One smile at a time.


About Duke

Duke is determined to enlighten minds and taste buds as he introduces his “chemistry in the kitchen.” Beneath the constellations, a red-letter light is beaming down on Duke’s desserts. The Duke of Duke’s Gluten-Free Desserts proves that cooking is quite the science. His story began when he and his family decided to take action, bringing a solution to a problematic situation. His sister’s diagnosis of Celiac disease initiated his mission to navigate the 360 million galaxies, bringing forth his “evolution of food” so to speak.

Starting at the age of thirteen in local restaurants to his success in recent realms of the infamous brand of Duke’s Gluten-Free Desserts, The Duke is bringing us delicious, mouthwatering, healthy Gluten-Free Desserts. The Duke believes there is no limit in the dining sky to how healthy eating habits can be achieved. Duke’s goal is to educate the masses on the reinvention of food. He is bringing back the basics.

In all things, we must begin at the crux and work our way to the perimeters. The Duke believes that the root of all things are based in food and family values. He believes these are his secret ingredients. With his multicultural European upbringing, and fluency in Macedonian, Italian, and English, Duke has been able to adopt the art of mixing formulas, tastes, and textures of all three nationalities, gracing one kitchen at a time.

Being born the sign of fire, he is definitely going to set a flame to all of our food. Mangiamo!